LEGO Cuusoo Kirby Project!

Hi everbody! One of today’s posts go to a small but cool Cuusoo project, Kirby’s Adventure! Here is the idea desciption.


‘ve always been a fan of Kirby video games, and Lego’s, and I thought that I should go ahead and make a Kirby project. It will be a new theme in Lego’s, and is great for all ages! I think this is a great theme for Lego’s, and it would be a really fun and great sets for collectors. Please give it your support! 😀
Update Log: June 1st Updated the Minifigs so that they all have a Lego stud on top of their heads. Also I slightly changed the Minifig Anatomy pic. Thanks for your support (albeit really small)!
————–June 6th Changed the pic for all the characters, and gave more information. Soon I will add the items and accessories for the minifigs. Thanks still for your support! 😀
————–June 7th Added a new pic for the items and accessories!
Idea Image
Here are all the main characters in the Kirby video games. King Dedede’s head will not be fixed, allowing it to be rotated, and Metaknight’s wings will also be able to be rotated. To see how they will be put together, look at the next image.
Idea Image
This is how the Minifigs will be put together. The image speaks for itself, except that all the Minifigs will be 3 blocks wide and (except for King Dedede) will be 3.5 blocks tall.
Idea Image
A few items that are common in Kirby games. The sword would obviously be able to be held by any normal Minifigs, and the warp star can be ridden by them too. The maxim tomato is 2×2 bricks, and has a stud on top.
Here is the link to the project so you can vote.
What do you guys think? Comment away!

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