Kirby’s Dream Collection Special Edition!

There’s going to be a Kirby game collection!

Game Overview

Complete with 6 classic games, soundtrack CD and anniversary booklet!

Jump into an interactive celebration of Kirby’s 20th anniversary with Kirby’s Dream Collection Special Edition! The package includes 6 classic Kirby™ titles along with several brand-new Challenge Stages like the ones in Kirby’s Return to Dream Land™ (Wii™), a 45-song music CD, a 48-page anniversary booklet filled with the details of Kirby’s creation and history and interactive timeline to learn everything about Kirby. This is certainly the special package Kirby fans of all ages have been waiting for.

  • 6 Classic Kirby games included in one package:
  1. Kirby’s Dream Land™ (Game Boy™, April 1992 release)
  2. Kirby’s Adventure™ (NES™, May 1993 release)
  3. Kirby’s Dream Land 2 (Game Boy, March 1995 release)
  4. Kirby Super Star™ (Super NES™, Sept. 1996 release)
  5. Kirby’s Dream Land 3 (Super NES, Nov. 1997release)
  6. Kirby 64™: The Crystal Shards (N64™, June 2000 release)
  • Brand-new Challenge Stages like the ones in Kirby’s Return to Dream Land™ (Wii™)
  • Kirby 20th Anniversary Soundtrack CD (Featuring 45 Kirby songs)
  • Immersive and Interactive Timeline to see footage and box art of all Kirby’s game releases.
  • 48-page booklet featuring various information about Kirby’s star-studded career
  • Some of the classic games include multiplayer modes.

Here’s a video!

For more on Kirby, visit,,

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