Will there ever be a LEGO Zelda?

Hi! Today i’d like to talk about LEGO Zelda. LEGO Zelda is a LEGO Cuusoo idea that got acheived on 5-4-12. But it still is in review!

Here is the idea desception written by LEGO Zelda’s creater, MINGLES.


An official ‘LEGO Legend of Zelda’ is a thought which has crossed many peoples minds in the 25 years since ‘The Legend of Zelda’ was first released by Nintendo. With the infinite possibilities of what can be achieved with LEGO and the immersion created by the fantasy world of The Legend of Zelda, many fans have endeavoured making their own LEGO Zelda customs and creations. With such dedicated fans of custom LEGO Zelda, it would surely only do both the series and it’s fans justice if Nintendo and The LEGO Group were to release such a desirable LEGO theme.

A massive thank you to KotakuN-EuropeCubed3GeekologieZelda DungeonZelda Universe (and again!)Siliconera and IGN for the articles!

Idea Image
Over the last year I have personally spent a huge amount of time designing these 3D models of LEGO scaled items from the Legend of Zelda series. Despite being able to manufacture them to be actually used in LEGO via the 3D printing service Shapeways, I and many other fans have a strong desire to see an official LEGO version of the franchise.
Idea Image
The LEGO scaled items I designed above are only a small portion of what could be in theory achieved with official Legend of Zelda LEGO. Along with an official inventory of items, swords, hats and shields would be an immense quantity of locations and scenarios which could be played out in sets.
Idea Image
The set shown above is of the finale of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This is one of the most iconic moments of the game, featuring all main 3 characters in adult form. The organ is heard throughout the ascent of Ganon’s Castle and plays an important role in building the suspension as Link climbs the seemingly endless stairs to aid in Princess Zelda’s rescue.
Idea Image
Along with a set representing an iconic moment of the series, I feel it is also necessary to include multiple swords, shields and items as they play such a large and important role in the series.

Check out my Flickr page for high resolution and older images from the project!

Thank you everybody for your support!

Did you see those weapons? They are AWESOME! If this passed review I would go crazy because i’m a ZELDA FREAK.
For more on the idea, visit http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/6809 .
For more on Zelda, visit http://zelda.com/universe/?ref= , witch is the offical site. Or visit http://www.zeldadungeon.net/.
What do you think on this idea? Do you like it? Should it pass?
Comment away!!!

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