Attack On Weathertop LEGO Set

All of this article was written by Rich, for his site,
Set No: 9472

Set Name: Attack on Weathertop

Theme: Lord of the Rings

Released: 2012

Pieces: 430

Minifigs: 4

RRP: £49.99

Purchase Price: £42.00



Great build, attention to detail and building techniques are awesome. The new horses are a welcome addition.


The pointless out crop and silly trap door and missile gimmicks

Everytime I plan on doing a review does the weather change for the worse and it makes it impossible to get any decent shots of the set. Last week Ash sent me his brand new sealed Attack on Weathertop set for me to review but had to wait till today to photograph it.

However that did not stop me building it first, the set is one of the brand new Lord of the Ring sets that seem to be selling out as soon as they become available. Until I reviewed and built this set I was still in two minds about buying the sets but if this is anything to go by then it is a no brainer for me.


Ash sent me his set without the box but still in the inner packaging so can’t comment on the box but what do you need to know accept it’s a box with images of the set on :P

The build is split into four parts as are the parts that makes the build process easier, it also helped me put all the parts back in their proper bag to allow Ash to build it when he gets it back. The instruction comes in one A4 manual. With the cover horizontal and the instructions vertical. For the photos I took a photo after every 3 stage plus certain main ones as well.

The instruction manual has a map of middle earth faded into the background of the pages, at the back you have adverts for the video game, upcoming Hobbit and also a two page spread with all the LOTR minifigs on which is an awesome touch and helpful for those who just collect mini figures.

As I mentioned about the build is done in four stages, in the manual stage one takes 4 pages, stage two takes 27 pages up, stage three takes 24 and the last stage taking 15, with most pages have two steps to them.

The Build

For me the set was awesome to build from start to finish, the building techniques and the attention to detail makes it a must for an AFOL and besides the exclusives this is was by far the most enjoyable build. To start with we build the Two Ringwraiths and they come in all black with torso printing both front and back. Nothing much else to say. They are then mounted to the new look horses and these blow the classic horse out of the water. The hind legs move and make the horse very good at posing and can see castle fans replacing old horses for these.

After you have done the Ringwraiths the rest of bag one is completing the small rock formation with a dark tan bush and out of the entire build it is the least enjoyable and does not really enhance the completed look and is build in 8 simple steps.

Bag two see you build Aragon who comes with printed head and torso front and back and also printed legs and he comes with sword and torch. We then begin the build of the main structure and this for me is where the enjoyment starts, this stage is all about building the curved part and the way the designer has done it is clever and the finished look is awesome. The build is easy enough to follower and the only trick bit is getting the right curve and takes a few attempts to line everything up. This build is aimed at the older children due, most stages of bag two sees you adding 2-4 parts at a time and it takes 39 steps to complete.

This section also has a hidden trap door for Aragon to drop down, however he falls 9 times out of 10 on to the weapons below, so kinda pointless. We then move on top bag 3 and is the other half of the weathertop which includes the stairs and the coming together of both halfs, this bag had the most parts to it, the build again is enjoyable without being taxing with 50 steps to complete so you can imagine the detail that has gone into this set.

The last bag sees us build Frodo and Merry, Frodo comes with a ring which is a nice new element and like Aragon both minfigs come with double printed heads and torsos and you get two rings spare. The actual build is the top of the previous two steps and after the large bags, bag 4 is more smaller in terms of content and a simpler build and is done in 17 steps and my only moan is the last step you add two missles to the bottom of the weathertop, now I know I have not watch the film for a while but I know I never saw missles come out of the mountain top!!

Final Thoughts

Overall it is a fantastic set and at £49.99 you get one heck of a set. Usually I find you pay a bit more for license sets but the build and detail of this set makes it worthy of it’s £50 price tag, the minifigs are all ok with Frodo being my fav, the new horses are outstanding.

The let downs in the set are the pointless trap door and missiles and I think have only been added to give the set more playability for younger builders. The small out crop we build as well serves no purpose and again pointless. Other then that there is nothing else to fault and as I said as a normal off the shelf set, the build is by far the most enjoyable one I have had to date.


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