Kirby Super Star Ultra Cheats

Here are some cheats for Kirby Super Star Ultra. All cheats, Easter Eggs, ect. are from

Original Footage Movie

To unlock a movie of footage from the original Kirby Superstar, complete the Helper to Hero quest as each of the selectable helpers.

Blooper Reel Video

To unlock a “blooper reel” video, complete The True Arena once through.

Sound Test

To unlock an in-game sound test, complete any six minigames.


To unlock the minigames listed below, fulfill the corresponding requirement listed.

  • Dyna Blade – Complete Spring Breeze
  • Gourmet Race – Complete Spring Breeze
  • Helper To A Hero – Complete The Arena
  • Megaton Punch – Complete The Arena
  • Meta Knightmare Ultra – Complete Revenge of the King
  • Milky Way Wishes – Complete Dyna Blade, Gourmet Race, Revenge of Metaknight, Spring Breeze and The Great Cave Offensive
  • Revenge of Metaknight – Complete Dyna Blade, Gourmet Race, Spring Breeze and The Great Cave Offensive
  • Revenge of the King – Complete Milky Way Wishes
  • Samurai Kirby – Complete Meta Knightmare Ultra
  • The Arena – Complete Milky Way Wishes
  • The Great Cave Offensive – Complete Spring Breeze
  • The True Arena – Complete Helper to Hero, Meta Knightmare Ultra, Revenge of the King, and The Arena

Secret HAL Room

In Stage 2, go to the area with the stone switch and hit it to break the blocks. Head left, and press UP to find a door. Go through it, and defeat the mini-Boss. Continue to the right, and you will eventually reach a room with blocks spelling “HAL” and an Invincible Candy.

Reset Game

You can reset the game by hitting R, L, Start, and Select at the same time.

Spring Breeze Secret Room

In Stage 4, there will be a moon at the room before the boss. Enter the moon like you would a door.You will end up in a room full of food, 1-Ups, a sleep enemy, and a Bonkers, like in the Kirby’s Dream Land’s secret room.

Stone Attack Characters

If you continuously use Kirby’s stone ability, you’ll find yourself changing into statues of well-known Nintendo characters in addition to Kirby himself, such as Samus, Mario, and other characters from the Kirby universe.

Mario Characters

During the battle with King Dedede, walk to the sides of the arena. On the right side, you’ll see some Toads, Wario and Luigi watching the battle. On the left, you’ll see Mario, Toadstool and some more Toads. Nice!


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