How to Make Custom Weapons

The Lego company already make a wide array of guns , blasters , and other weapons , from the humble revolver to the mighter blaster rifle. But for Lego fans , there is no such thing as enough. So here are some guides to making custom weapons easily with few parts!


MACHINE GUN: This is a cool KICK-BUTT gun that only uses 4 pieces: black stud , black loudhailer , technic rod with stud , and a technic cog.

TOMMY GUN (MODERN) : Very simple , a long rifle , a claw , and a technic black cog/wheel. Stick the claw in the cog/wheel , the clip it onto the long rifle. Put the wheel and claw on the top of the gun to make a paintball-gun.

OLD-TIMEY PIRATE RIFLE: Only 2 pieces per gun. First , get a revolver and turn it upside-down and put a dark grey technic pin on the part the minifigure usually holds. The minifigure can hold above the little thing sticking out.

FLAMETHROWER: You need a scuba mask , a black visor , and a harpoon gun. All but the visor are included in the ocean speeder (Atlantis). Put the visor on the scuba mask and it looks like the gas-filled backpack that makes the fire. It also makes a fire-proof mask.

This whole article was written by TobyMacBoy. His site is I recommend you visit his site if you are a LEGO fan.


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