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Written by Tobymacboy. Visit his site at http://5000bricks.shutterfly.com/
(Insert Tie Fighter Sounds Here)
I received this and the Imperial V-wing Starfighter for my birthday this year. I was SOOO surprised at the amazingly huge size of the Tie Fighter. Now to get started , Let’s talk about the Minifigures!
Tie Pilot:
He has new 2010 helmet design that first came in the Tie Defender but with the 2012 Trooper head design.
Imperial Officer:
The Imperial Officer is a very much wanted and very cool minifigure in the Star Wars world , even if you only have one! He has the rare dark grey Kepi hat. He has the same head as many other Imperial troops as well as some Rebel troops. Nice detail on the torso.
Death Star Trooper:
This is a Great design with a new Helmet and head as well as great printing on the torso. One side of the head has a mad face while the other (which is my personal favorite) has the same printing as the 2007 AT-ST Pilot! Also includes a blaster. He is my new favorite minifigure (Aside from my Chrome Gold C-3PO) and the best one in this set.
R5-J2 :
New Astromech head with the torso design of R2-Q5. Nice look , especially the head , and great coloring. Doesn’t have that large a role in the films , but still adds to the amazingness of this set.
Now to the Tie Fighter!
It is about 50X bigger than you think! The wings are HUGE and very detailed . Finally we get a fighter without the annoying blue pieces taking away movie accuracy . The circular parts on the wings , the cockpit window , and the detailed part above the cockpit are all printed so no huge annoying stickers! We also finally get an actual bubble cockpit window instead of the bubble-inside-a-square window in the previous 2. It is 100% movie accurate besides the red laser tips on the end if the flick-fire missiles , but since those can easily be removed and are made to , that doesn’t take away accuracy. As an ONLINE viewer , I thought that $50 was a little expensive for the part count , but as a REAL-LIFE viewer , I see that there are lots of large plates making it HUGE and worth a lot more than it costs. Sets the size of the Tie Fighter WITHOUT the extra figs goes for a lot more than the listed price. In the build , there are a few yellow and red parts , but they are covered with black and grey later on in the build. I don’t know if those colors are cheaper to make than grey or black but maybe that’s why they are there. Anyway , thank you so much for reading my review , please comment  , GOD BLESS!
Tie Fighter


Extra Minifigs

Colored Pieces

Hmmm… I’m not really collecting SW sets anymore, but this is a cool set. Do you or anybody you know own this? Does it really live up to TobyMacBoy’s review? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! Also, please remember to use the new share buttuns below!
Thank you for reading!
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